Hello guys! I’m so excited to inform you that I’ve been featured on Little Conquest‘s Blog Page! ❤

You can see the article here. It was wonderfully put up by Karla, a mother and a wife who writes about adventures, motherhood, and life in general. She’s the sweetest! ❤ Check out her page if you haven’t done so and have the chance to be featured on her site as well.

Thanks, Karla, for the opportunity and the time! I appreciate it. More blogging years to you!




Hello there, guys! Just want to update you all that the Excellence Awards Night of the company is tomorrow! It’ll be held at the Club Ibiza in BGC, Taguig.

All nominees were asked to prepare a one-minute speech in case they win. I haven’t prepared mine since I wasn’t really expecting to bring home the bacon (though I pray that I will!) but I think I’d have to make one – just so I won’t mess up, just in case. 🙂

I’ll be accompanied by two of my work friends. All individual nominees are allowed a ‘plus two’ so I’ll bring my two besties with me.

Let’s all hope for the best! ❤




Hello, guys!

Sorry for being away for a few weeks – I was on vacation and was caught up at work prior to that – so I wasn’t able to post my weekly sessions.

I’m back now and as soon as I get my priorities straight, I’ll get posting again. 🙂

I’ll also post photos from my recent vacation (I went to Baguio) and will suggest places you can visit.

Thanks as always for being here for me even when I’m away.

Love lots! ❤