My mantra whenever I deal with difficult situations is this: We’re not given a problem we can’t handle.

If you’re struggling with a problem right now, don’t fret. Help will come. You just have to stay strong and keep the faith. As difficult as it may seem, we always have to look at the bright side.

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Whatever you’re going through right now, remember that it’s not permanent. The hurt, the pain, the negative thoughts that swarm your mind will pass. Be strong until you get to that day. Whilst struggling, you have to know the purpose of this test in your life. You must use this to empower yourself in the future.


Learn from your mistakes. Try to see the positive side of things. Surround yourself with beautiful people who’ll make you feel better. Go out, have fun. Meet new people. Try some things you haven’t done on the past.


Live your life. Be strong. Stay happy. ❤