Here’s a Live Chat blunder from one of UK’s leading Sports Betting Company.

AGENT: Hi! You’re speaking to Cola. How may I help you?
CUSTOMER: Hi! Uhm, where’s the F1? Can’t seem to find it.
AGENT: It’s okay. You can see it beside F2, just above your keyboard.
CUSTOMER: Uhm, I’m talking about THE F1. Sport. You’re a Sports Betting Company, right?
AGENT: Ah, yes. Sorry about that! Let me get the link for you. A few minutes, please.


The agent is a Certified


Sabaw: (Tagalog)
noun: thin soup
adj: used to describe someone whose brain isn’t functioning well, hence, the blunders;
noun: a person who’s incredibly stupid, so stupid, it turns his brain into liquid, just like a soup

All of us have been here. We have our own ‘sabaw’ moments. Don’t be shy. C’mon. Share them with us! 🙂


*Photo grabbed from Google.

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