I’ve been working for this company for 7 years this coming October. This is my second work after being a Technical Support Representative for an American company that leases postage meters.

Before leaving my first job, my Team Leader prepared a folder in which my colleagues wrote down their messages for me. I’m so gobsmacked with the heart-felt messages they gave me. One stood out from the rest – it was from Vince, one of my Quality Assistants. She said ‘Alam ko malayo mararating mo kasi magaling ka.’ I stared at that message for a while and it warms my heart knowing that a colleague appreciates your work and more than that, she believes in my potential.

After a year and a half, I applied as a Quality Coach and fortunately, got chosen. After 3 or 4 years, an opening for the Team Leader position happened so I applied but I didn’t get the position. At first I thought I was incompetent but analyzing the situation, I understand why they chose the other 2 applicants.

I also realized that I’m good at being a Quality Coach. This is my forte. I’m a consistent performer, one with the most number of certificates for being the Quality Coach of the Quarter. Just recently (March), I was nominated as Colleague of the Quarter and I won! πŸ™‚

I thought that’s the best this year has to offer but then, an opportunity arose. We have a yearly award which we call Excellence Awards. Employees can nominate a number of colleagues who they think performs best. There are a few categories for nominations (you’ll see later on the photo). This has been going on for a few years already but this is the first time I took interest.

Of course, I nominated my entire team for the Team of the Year category and -of course- my self for the Remarkable Performance category. Hahaha! In all honesty, I did the nomination for myself as a joke. I just felt like giving it a try. Why not, I was the Colleague of the Quarter for the First Quarter so why not nominate myself, right?

Lo and behold, those who got nominated got a Congratulatory Card including the name of the person who nominated them. I felt so ashamed for myself!!! It’s like I was praising myself which is not very common for Filipinos. We like to be humble πŸ™‚ So it already happened, my Team Leader received the card because I’m already out of the office when it was handed out. She texted me saying she’s happy that I thought of nominating myself because she would’ve done it for me if she was present during the nomination period (she was on vacation at that time).

It was also funny because I’m the only one who nominated myself! Hahaha! Unlike other nominees, they received lots of nominations from their colleagues/subordinates. Am I alone in this fight? :’)

So the day of announcing the finalists came. My TL friend messaged me on Facebook telling me the good news. That I was one amongst the finalists of the Excellence Awards! Not sure how the management decided but hey, I don’t care. I made the cut! ❀



Here are the Manila Finalists. There are others from Sofia, Krakow, and Gibraltar


The winner will be announced on October 23rd. I’m not really expecting much but I’d like for me to win (If I can beat the other nominees!) By far, this is the best achievement I had at work and it keeps me motivated to be better.

Vince’s message keeps coming back to me – Alam ko malayo mararating mo kasi magaling ka. Thank you, Vince. You believed in me and you made me believe in myself, too.

Prayers for me, please πŸ™‚



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