It’s Saturday which means I get to post other interesting not-so-known facts about everyday life! Read away to learn something new!

The magic word for this week is VAGITUS

Ha! Your naughty little mind. It’s not what you think 🙂 Vagitus is the cry of a new born baby. It’s derived from the Latin word vāgītus which means crying or wailing or vāgiō which means cry or wail.

It’s also possible to hear the cry of a baby inside the mother’s uterus. It’s called Vagitus Uterinus. This one’s rare but it has been observed on occasions when the membranes rupture, allowing air to enter the uterine cavity.

There’s another one! What do you call the baby’s cry while its head is still in the mom’s vajayjay? Yes, there’s a term for that, too. Vagitus Vaginalis.

I think that’s enough Vs for today. Better get to work. 🙂


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