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Sometimes, it’s not about us, but how we make others feel. For us, it may look like a small thing to do but for others, it can change their lives. So always do good for others. 🙂





13 thoughts on “HELPING OTHERS

  1. This says it all. 🙂 a little task for yourself might drastically change someone elses life. It feels good when I help others and I try and do so anytime that I can. Evwn if its just handing my packed lunch to a homeless man standing on a corner with a sign saying anything will help. I do what I can.

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    • That’s sweet! ❤ I did the same when I saw an old man in the corner of the street. He wasn't really asking for anything – he was just sleeping beside the stray cats. I thought maybe he hasn't eaten yet so I left the food I bought near him and suddenly he woke up and looked at me. Thinking he may get offended I immediately said 'Just in case you need food.' and he smiled. That's enough to tell me I did something right for that day. 🙂


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