This is a very good attitude to practice and maintain. It’s human nature to always look at the negative side of things. That makes it difficult for us to see the positive.

This is especially difficult for me because of my job. It revolves on looking at the negative since we had to correct it to improve the service we’re giving with our customers. That doesn’t mean we slack off with recognizing the strengths of the agents – however, it’s hard to come by, compared to their opportunities. We’re required to list down the strength and opportunities for every incident and there are times that I have almost nothing to put under ‘Strength’. But it’s never difficult to think of the ‘Opportunities’.

In our personal lives, this applies as well. In our relationship with friends, family, loved ones. When we’re fighting, we tend to think a lot of negativity. Just recently, I fought with my boyfriend. We shouted at each other for a few minutes and then stopped. I was still angry and I was thinking of terrible things about him. I was degrading him at the back of my head. I was emphasizing his negative traits to justify the anger I was feeling. I even came to a point where I was hoping bad karma to catch up to him.

I calmed down after a few hours but we’re still not talking. The next day, I felt guilty and bad for wishing him hell. You see, my boyfriend wasn’t a perfect man. He has short temper, he hates waiting, he doesn’t like the feeling of sweat on his body – there are a lot of things he doesn’t want and like – but he has positive sides, too. He provides for his family, he’s a funny man, he does household chores, he’s not strict with me, he says sorry first when we fight, he tries to change his negative behaviours, he’s not selfish, he doesn’t hit me and he doesn’t cuss when we fight.

Despite the negative attitudes he has, I decided to focus on the positive ones and magnify them. That way, I can always think of him positively. Also, that could help him focus more on it and it could inspire him to work on the negative traits.

This isn’t just for him – this is also for me. I have to realize that I have positive attitudes as well and nurture them to become a better person.

Just think of it – if we all focus on the positive behaviors of people around us, there’ll be less animosity. We could live a happier and positive life. 🙂




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