It’s Saturday which means I get to post other interesting not-so-known facts about everyday life! Read away to learn something new!

The magic word for this week is DYSANIA

This is the condition of finding it extremely difficult to get out of bed. It’s also known as Clinomania.

Anyone can say they have this condition but it’s deeper than just finding it difficult to get out of bed. People with Dysania would feel actual anxiety just by doing this. If you’d like to test yourself, a good thing to do is to describe what you feel when getting off the bed.

If you find it difficult, tiresome, frustrating, or challenging, you’re probably like the rest of the population. However if you find the experience stressful, anxious, overwhelming or even debilitating, it’s probably a good idea to talk to your doctor for more analysis and possible treatment or coping options. – Rise and Shine

There are treatment options to ‘cure’ Dysania. Set your own alarm. I believe there are different types of alarms nowadays. It ranges from a simple typical alarm clock to some apps that’ll force you to do something that requires enough effort to wake you up, like taking a photo of your own bathroom.

However, the best way is to just give yourself enough time to sleep. We were told that 9 hours is enough but I saw one article that says 7 hours is more beneficial. Not sure about their findings but I usually sleep until my body aches from too much sleeping. Unless, of course, work is requiring me to get up early 🙂

Are you someone who has Dysania? Can you share your experience? I’d like to know more about it. 🙂



2 thoughts on “DID YOU KNOW?

  1. I’d love to be able to stay in bed later, although dysania does not sound as fun as a simple lie-in. I wonder if there’s an opposite condition, because I feel anxious if I stay in bed any later than 7am, even on my days off! 😳 Or maybe I’m just a little strange! 😊

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    • That’s definitely strange! 😀 I checked but didn’t see anything that suggests it has an opposite. Maybe the opposite can be called ‘Workaholicinism’. That is if you wake up earlier than usual just to work! Hahaha 😀

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