I work for a BPO company and I’m a Quality Coach. My job description is simple: help correct the mistakes of my colleague on their chats/emails. Sounds pretty simple, huh? I’m in this position for 6 years now and I’ve dealt with different types of employees and I can say it’s a tough job to master.

I’m responsible for 10 agents and one of them is consistently failing his grades. He’s been coached by his manager and the reason he has given for the failed scores is ‘he doesn’t believe the markdowns given to him.’ Meaning, he feels that the deductions were incorrect.

I was the one who scored his incident so I guess you can say I got irritated by his reasoning. I reviewed the scored incidents and I can’t see any part that can be disputed.

Hearing these kinds of reason makes me realize that there are people who think of themselves as smart, intelligent, expendable, but if you look further, if you look within, there’s nothing but a hollow space.

People like this will have a hard time improving themselves because they can’t handle a constructive criticism. They already placed themselves so high in the pedestal that they can’t be told to step down. They always think they’re right so when you tell them they’re wrong, they get mad and blame you for what went wrong.

Looking at the positive side, I’m thankful that I don’t have that attitude. I can accept my mistakes (though it’s really difficult – hello ego) and I make sure I learn from them. I know it hurts when your ego is being murdered, but that’s the only way for you to change – you have to accept that there’s something wrong and work on making it right.

The problem won’t go away unless you address it. You can’t escape from it forever. At some point, it’ll catch up to you and when that happens, it might be too late. So be open to changes, accept that you don’t know everything, understand why you’re being called out and make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistake. As they say, mistakes happen only once. If it happened again, it’s no longer a mistake – it’s already a choice.




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