It’s Saturday here in the Philippines which means I get to post another interesting not-so-known facts about everyday life! Read away to learn something new!

The magic word for this week is WAMBLE

In medical term, wamble is both a verb and noun which means 1. to move unsteadily; an unsteady motion. 2. to feel nauseated; a feeling of nausea. 3. (Of a stomach) To rumble or growl.

The word was derived from the Middle English word wamelen which means ‘to feel nausea’ and Indo-European root wem which means ‘to vomit’.

Related forms
wambliness, noun
wambly, adjective

Funny that it’s not a recognized word. It has the red wavy line underneath as I type this post. :’)

That’s all for this post. Let’s try to learn something new next week! Keep in touch! ❤





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