Good morning, friends!

I’m still trying to regulate the posts I do on my page. I think I need to put a schedule on my posts so I don’t neglect the other areas of my blog. If you’ve noticed, I’ve been posting a lot about movie reviews in the past couple of days. It’s because I’ve been watching films recently so I have a lot to post about. However, doing that means I’m not posting about the other aspects of my page.

Having realized that, I decided to put a timeline on my posts. Here goes:

Wednesday: Post about Home Cooking. This is a new section on my page where I’d share the dishes I’ve made (Filipino Food). For those who’d like to try foreign meals, this is for you! 🙂
Thursday: Instead of having Positive Daily, I decided to do it every weekly and rename it Positive Weekly.
Friday: This is the day I’ll post about the reviews, may it be book, movie, food, make up, services, etc…
Saturday: I’d share interesting facts on DID YOU KNOW?
Sunday: This is the day I’ll share musings about everything under the sun
Monday and Tuesday: Rest day because a writer needs to rest, too! 🙂



2 thoughts on “SCHEDULING POSTS

  1. I should totally do this. I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my schedule, but I never get down to actually make a schedule I can follow haha. Thanks for the idea of scheduling based on a particular theme or topic!


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