Glenn of the Walking Dead; Clary of The Mortal Instruments; Louis Bloom of Nightcrawler; The Ancient One from Doctor Strange; Ahn Seo-hyun, Byun Hee-bong; Hank of Swiss Army Man. It’s pretty much star-studded.


A company breeds a special kind of super pig. Twenty six of the best pigs were sent to 26 different locations around the world for the farmers to raise and tend to. The plan is 10 years after, they’ll decide who’ll be the best super pig. Okja -the pig- turned out to be the best among the rest and will be crowned the winner – which means, she’ll be killed only to be eaten. Actually, all of the pigs have similar fate. So Mija, the farmer’s granddaughter and Okja’s friend went to New York to rescue her, alongside ALF members (Animal Liberation Front).


•Okja is a lovable pig though she looks like a hippo-pig fusion
•Ahn Seo-hyun is very cute
•I loved the acting, especially Jake Gyllenhaal’s
•Cinematography was done well. Okja looks real
•It’s not as heavy as Miracle in Cell #7 (I think it’s a good thing)
•The fact that the movie doesn’t encourage eating meat is a plus for people who support animal rights
•Some scenes can tug at the heart of the viewers
•Costumes are spot-on


•The copy I downloaded didn’t have any English subtitle so I didn’t fully understand when they start speaking in Hangul (As they say, ‘Translation is Sacred’. Tsk)
•Steven Yeung didn’t have much exposure (I kinda think this is a good thing – at least, he’s not over exposed)
•Nancy’s character doesn’t seem relevant to the story


The movie makes me think that the director is a vegan/vegetarian or at least a supporter of their cause. He was able to accurately show what these animals go through inside the slaughterhouses. It wasn’t a gory movie but you don’t have to see blood and guts to understand and appreciate the film. I’m always a sucker for animal-human friendship so appreciating this movie is easy for me. I may not be able to eat pork for a few days, though…




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