I’ve always had an oily face ever since. When I grew older and got conscious about my skin, it became a huge issue for me and my self esteem. Oily skin is very prone to acne since it could clog up your pores and give you white and blackheads. I’ve been acne-prone since grade school up until my high school years.

The acne stopped when I was in college so I think it was hormonal. Anyways, since I’ve been struggling with pimples since forever – you can imagine acne scars and marks. That’s the current state of my skin. I rarely get pimples now but the scars and marks are still there.

I seriously wanted to keep the oils at bay so I did my homework and searched for effective skin care regimes that could help people like me. During these researches, I found a lot of things including the type of skin I have: a combination skin (oily on the T-Zone and normal on the rest of the face).

There has been lots of suggestions and recommendations from different blogs and posts about which product effectively lessens the oil secretion of your skin. I tried using Korean cushions that promises matte finish for oily skin but only got disgruntled. After years of just reading blogs and posts, I realized that instead of looking for a make up that’ll help with my oily skin, I should be looking for a skin care product.

I used to think make up resolves any skin issues but a good skin care regime does the trick. Just like painting, a good and clean canvass produces good art.

Out of all the suggestions I saw, one keeps popping up the notifications, and that’s how effective Witch Hazel is in minimizing the appearance of pores and controlling oil. Obviously, I just have to try it.

I first bought a travel size just to try if it’ll work for me. I bought mine from Healthy Options in MOA (Mall of Asia)  for approximately 80 PHP ($1.58). Lo and behold, I wasn’t disappointed. I was actually amazed! It has a good effect on my skin. Though my skin isn’t perfect (acne marks, scars, and all), I still saw a difference with its texture. My skin became supple and soft. And the most important thing for me is I no longer have to use an oil blotter on my face – whole day. And I don’t get too oily. I only need one tissue paper if I feel like I’m getting oily again and that’s it.

I use it in the morning before I put my make up and in the evening after washing my face.

The improvement on my skin isn’t only because of this one single product but it contributed to it. I saw and felt the difference it made on my skin. Even my boyfriend appreciated the product 🙂

When I finished the small size, I decided to buy the normal size for I think more or less 300 PHP ($5.93).

One thing I wasn’t fond of is the smell. I thought witch hazel is meant to smell like sweet, fragrant, girly. When I sniffed this one, its smell is far from what I expected. I almost thought it stinks. But after using it for quite a while, I got used to the smell. I appreciate it now. I appreciate that it works for me and it’s cheap! 🙂

I’d definitely repurchase this and it could be my HG toner 🙂




All Natural Witch Hazel containing Natural Grain Alcohol 14% and Witch Hazel Extract

Thanks for stopping by. See you on the next review! ❤




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