I’m a member of a Facebook Group named The Makeup Revolution PH (TMUR). Members of the group share their makeup items, suggestions, questions, creations, etc. It’s a very fun group to be in! You’d learn a lot if you want to know more about make ups and the members are friendly and active 🙂

Few items keep on popping up on my feed on this group but there’s one thing in common about those items – they’re all Korean Brands.

I got so hooked into reading reviews, suggestions, and results of these items and I was sooo keen on trying them myself!

Okay, just a brief preview of my skin: I have a combination skin. My T-Zone is oily but the rest of my face is normal. I was also prone to breakouts when I was younger so I have a lot of acne scars on my cheeks. Few people think that acne scars and acne marks are the same – they’re NOT. Acne marks are just, well, marks. They can fade and turn lighter if you peel your skin or if you use whitening toners and creams. On the other hand, peeling and whitening won’t work for acne scars. They leave ‘craters’ on your skin just like the moon 🙂

So, I went to Market! Market! to visit the recently opened Mumuso Store – one of the few Korean Stores in Manila. It’s located near Army Navy and Bon Chon.

The place was small compared to other branches but there were a lot of customers. It felt like I was in heaven for a while, looking at the items they have in store. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!!!

Sadly, I don’t have enough money so I just decided to buy something cheap. I admit, I really didn’t have any idea what product I wanted to buy. My goal is just to visit the store and see what they offer but I couldn’t help it.

I saw a few gels that were only for 99 PHP ($1.99) for 300mg so I thought it was a good deal. I was torn between buying Horse Oil Soothing Gel and Snail Moisturizing Hydrogel but I haven’t read any review nor heard/saw someone mention Horse Oil so I opted to buy the Snail Gel.

Aside from that, I also bought candy masks. They caught my attention because they’re too adorable! They really looked like candy tablets 🙂 I haven’t seen that kind of masks before so I thought it was a good deal that you get 35 masks for only 99 PHP ($1.99).

I also saw a few gadgets, wallets, bags, stuffed toys, make ups, etc… I hope they could expand the place so they can have more items to offer. (Photos to follow)

When I have the time and budget, I’d like to try some of their items and post an honest review. I plan to start my Korean Skin Care Routine soon so that’s a start.

See you on my next one! 😉


Featured Photos are grabbed from Mumuso PH’s Official Facebook Page. My own photos will be posted soon when I go back 🙂



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