June 2, 2017 – Manila, Philippines

I just arrived from work that night. After doing my nightly routine, I went to bed and started browsing Facebook. I saw a very recent Wall Post from a friend asking if there’s any update about what’s happening in RWM.

I’ve no TV or radio on my flat so I’m really not up-to-date with the news. There’s no comment on his post so I  just scrolled down and thought nothing of it. Until I saw another post from a different friend saying there’s a terrorist attack on that place.

I immediately refreshed my feed and I’ve been bombarded with posts about it. Some say it’s a terrorist act; some says the place was just burning (not a terrorist attack); some says it’s a hold up. There’s a lot of suggestions as to what really happened that night.

It finally hit the local news channels and I was able to glimpse the news whilst at work (during lunch; we have a TV in our pantry area). The report says there are 30+ civilians who died due to suffocation and stampede. Innocent lives were lost because of a cowardly act from someone who’s psychotic enough to burn the place down, steal millions of chips, then later on kill himself (based on what the news says).

Honestly, we can’t say what really – truly – happened that night. The reports say that the gunman burned himself alive but other reports say he has 2 bullet wounds (one on his chest and one to the head). Media can’t be trusted nowadays.

What happened was already alarming and it’s being fueled by rants from people who are so knowledgeable about politics that they can all run for President come election period. It’s okay to voice out our opinions – we have a thinking brain – but let’s make sure that we don’t put down someone else’s.

I’ve seen TONS of posts about this being plotted by the Liberal Party to oust the current President. They (the people who posted this) seemed to be really sure about this like they’re sure that the world is round. I’ve seen several remarks that connects what happened that night to politics.

This is so sad. Seeing your fellow Pinoys arguing about politics when what we should be doing is to unite to prevent these crimes from happening. I didn’t see the same anymosity when someone bombed Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, as well as with the other attack on other countries.

Even our own politicians are throwing accusations to each other instead of working together to fix the issue. This is the kind of government we have. We have no unity. We take every opportunity to spread confusion and divide the nation.

I pray for this to stop. For my country and for the world. I hope our future generations can live in a world of peace, harmony, and love.

Let’s teach our kids to be compassionate to each other. Teach them not to take advantage of others. Let them know that they’re not always right. Teach them to listen to others. Teach them to show love whenever they can. Teach them it’s not okay to intentionally hurt others. Teach them to pray.

One day, I hope we’ll be able to get what we all wanted – World Peace.




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