It’s not easy as I originally thought. Honestly, my original purpose of creating a blog page is for me to have a platform where I can share my sentiments to. My intention then was to post about my personal struggles. However, I realized that it’ll be too negative when what I want is a positive vibe so I shifted to writing other/random things that interests me. I used to write as well way back on College so I really thought it’ll be easy-peasy.


Boy, I was so wrong. You have to invest time, energy, creativity, ideas, etc…to make a good blog. You can’t just type away on the keyboard and expect traffic (unless you’re really really good, maybe). I’m guilty of doing this. I wrote what immediately comes to mind most of the time.


I now realize you have to prepare everything before you post. You have to think it through. Write your content, take photos, edit them. You have to make sure that whatever you’re posting, it’s useful, positive, and significant.


During my free time at work (which is just a few hours), I read other blogs. I check how they create their posts, pages, and that’s where I saw the difference: they’ve given theirs time. They truly invested on their blogs and pages.


What causes this struggle for me is the lack of internet. I have no Wi-Fi at home. I’m only able to post when I’m at work (thank God WP is not blocked). Because of that, I didn’t feel the need to take photos because I won’t be able to post them anyways.


It’s refreshing (and envious) to see a good-looking page and posts. You guys inspire me! I plan on investing on a reliable internet connection (if there’s such a thing in the Philippines) and a laptop so I can post at home and edit photos as well.


Another struggle is the lack of ideas. I’m not a creative person so at times, I have nothing to post about. One thing that helped me on this aspect is again, visiting other blog pages. See what others write about. You may get an idea what to add on yours.


I’m also struggling with traffic. Not the typical traffic along EDSA which is always a struggle for commuters (kaway kaway sa kapwa ko Pinoy!) but the traffic for my blog page. It’s tremendously difficult to get people read your blog. Especially for me. Believe it or not, I’m shy about me blogging. None of my friends know that I blog. That I have a blog page. And that I’m shifting paradigm. I’m not confident with my work – yet. But I do appreciate kind words from other bloggers. They make me feel good about what I’ve written and they encourage me to share more. I’m very grateful to the first person who has believed in me and appreciated my blog enough to ask me to guest post on his page – Mohamad Al Karbi. THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough. The opportunity you’ve given me is very much appreciated. The attention I have received on my post on your page is crazy. I also appreciate the comments left by my fellow bloggers on that post. The Philippines is really a beautiful country and we have beautiful people.

I hope, now that more people know that I exist (in the blogging world), I’d be able to touch more lives as I move along. I’d like to share ideas, positivity, and happiness to anyone who needs it. We all do. Sometimes, we just need someone to help us see it. I hope to be that someone.

❤ ❤ ❤





The first victim is murdered in his bed. A clean-cut college boy with no criminal record. Then a second victim is killed in the shower, then a third…each one striking closer to home for M.C. When loved ones become targets, M.C. must walk a fine line between upholding the law and taking it into her own hands. At stake is her job, her relationship with Kitt, and possibly, her life. The key to finding the emotionless killer lies in the stolen computers of the victims – a secret network of false identities and true evil where no one is who they seem. If M.C. hopes to capture Breakneck, she’ll have to put her own neck on the line. – From the book



It’s a fast-paced story that doesn’t disappoint. The entire story happened in less than a month (January 11, 2009 – February 05, 2009) but it’s very well-written. I’m drawn to stories that have mystery in them that’s why I loved this book. It’ll keep you on the edge until the moment of revelation. It’s kind of difficult to figure out who Breakneck is (at least for me). Anyone can be Breakneck.

The book’s genre is suspense-thriller. The writer wanted the readers to formulate their own opinion who Breakneck is based on the available information. It’s good that she did write the book that way because it hooks the readers to read more and more of it until they find the answer. It gives the book the kind of mystery you just can’t ignore. You’ll keep on picking the book up until you’re done with it.

The branching stories in the book are mostly sad but I appreciate more of Joe and Kitt’s relationship. They show what two people need to do and sacrifice to keep each other. They chose each other every time. I also like the relationship M.C. and Kitt have. They’re more than partners and friends – for me, they’re sisters. ❤

I finished the book in 2 days and I plan on buying another one from Erica. Looks like most (if not all) of her books have the same genre so I’d definitely get a hold of her writings. I bought this one for 75 PHP ($1.50) at Booksale (not brand new).



MARY CATHERINE (M.C.) RIGGIO: She went through a lot in here and she defines the words ‘strong’ and ‘brave’. It’s traumatizing to handle a case wherein the victims were family members but she has handled this with a clear head.

KITT LUNDGREN: M.C.’s partner and is older than her. She has her own troubles but I admired her loyalty to M.C. It’s difficult to be lied to numerous times but she stuck with M.C. even if it may cost her the relationship she has with Joe.

SPECIAL AGENT JONATHAN SMITH: He worked together with M.C. and Kitt to capture Breakneck. The Feds have been working on their case for quite a while. It was the first time M.C. and Kitt saw someone from the FBI who’s not a total a**.

DAN GALLO: M.C.’s fiancé. A loving boyfriend. Unfortunately, their upcoming wedding didn’t push through.

JOE LUNDGREN: Kitt’s husband. They were trying to fix their marriage after Sadie passed away. He’s a very understanding man and a patient husband.

ERIK SUNDSTRAND: Dan’s best buddy. Handsome and rich. Has a good reputation. A perfect guy. He created Kids in Crisis to help families who can’t afford the hospital fees for their kids.

GINA DE LUCA: M.C.’s cousin and Erik’s assistant. She and M.C. resented each other since their younger days.

TOMMY and SAM MARIANO: Brothers. M.C.’s cousins. She babysat them when they were young so they’re both close to her. Tommy was the good boy and Sam was the opposite.

ZOE PETERSEN: Tommy and Sam’s friend. She played a crucial role in this story.



Pages: 240

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-312-36391-8




Last Known Victim


Killer Takes All

See Jane Die

In Silence

Dead Run

Bone Cold

All Fall Down

Cause For Alarm

Shocking Pink


Forbidden Fruit




Open BookOpen BookOpen BookOpen Book


See you on the next review! ❤







Whatever you’re going through right now, remember that it’s not permanent. The hurt, the pain, the negative thoughts that swarm your mind will pass. Be strong until you get to that day. Whilst struggling, you have to know the purpose of this test in your life. You must use this to empower yourself in the future.


Learn from your mistakes. Try to see the positive side of things. Surround yourself with beautiful people who’ll make you feel better. Go out, have fun. Meet new people. Try some things you haven’t done on the past.


Live your life. Be strong. Stay happy. ❤