I have a combination skin: oily on my T-Zone area and normal on the rest of the face. I am also prone to breakouts, especially when I was in High School. I grew old with little to no self-confidence because of my acne. I see myself as ugly and I got even uglier because of the pimples. Duh.

Turned out, my breakouts are just a phase in my puberty. When I grew older, I was getting lesser pimples. However, I was left with lots of pimple scars because I used to prick my pimples. I have found out it was the number one thing you don’t want to do with it. Nobody told me. I was even advised to do it. I should have not listened. 😦

Anyways, moving forward, my breakouts are now very seldom. The only problem I have is getting rid of the blackheads that live on my nose and the scars I was left with.

That’s when I came across this product. My friend was using this and it made her skin tight and clear. She recommended that I try it. So I did.

I bought it from Market! Market! for 750 PHP. It was a set which includes a toner, a clarifying solution, a soap, and 3 creams (Rejuvenating, Age Erasing, and Exfoliating). I also got one free soap (the same as the one on the package). I’m already on my 4th day and my face is as red as a tomato and it’s already peeling. I felt like my skin is so tight and shiny.

The package comes with instructions for day and night usage. It started to get stingy on day 2. On the 4th day, it starts to get itchy. I will wait until the end of the week, or probably 2 weeks, to see any difference.

I did not take a ‘Before and After’ photo – yet. I will probably do it later when I get home.

I will give another update after a few days. ❤



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