Genre: Horror Film
Release Date: 2014
Main Characters: Ashley Hinshaw: Dr. Nora Holden × Denis O’Hare: Dr. Miles Holden × James Buckley: Terry “Fitzie” Fitsimmons × Christa-Marie Nicola: Sunni Marsh × Amir K: Michael Zahir
Box Office: $16.9 Million
Running Time: 89 minutes
Directed By: Grégory Levasseur
Distributed By: 20th Century Fox


PLOT (Wiki)

During the 2012–13 uprisings in Egypt, an archaeological team discovers a vast pyramid buried 600 feet (180 m) below the surface. Further examinations of the pyramid’s apex reveal that the structure is three-sided, unlike any pyramid previously discovered. They locate a tunnel leading into the apex of the pyramid. While breaking into the opening, toxic air is released poisoning a worker. Soon after, Egyptian authorities order the team to leave the site because of a violent uprising in nearby Cairo. Team leader Dr. Miles Holden (O’Hare) and his daughter Nora argue over whether to obey the order. They eventually agree to send in a remotely-controlled rover vehicle – named Shorty – to enter the pyramid and document its interior.


While examining a small portion of the structure, Shorty is attacked by an unknown creature and goes offline. The portion of the team that has remained at the site decide to enter the pyramid to recover Shorty. After finding only a piece of the rover, they discover the wire tracing their way back out was cut. Realizing they may be lost, they enter a room with an unstable floor that collapses beneath them. Team member Zahir (Amir K) is wounded by the falling debris which pins his leg to the floor. Sunni (Nicola), another team member, attempts to climb up a small opening but is attacked by a creature hidden at the top and falls back down. Forced to leave Zahir behind, they look for another way out. Within moments, they hear Zahir scream and return to find only a bloody trail leading up the wall.


They are pursued through a narrow tunnel by a pack of the creatures Sunni encountered, which have a cat-like appearance. An Egyptian soldier who found another way into the pyramid finds and rescues them in time pulling them out of the tunnel. After killing a few of the creatures, he peers into the tunnel and is suddenly seized, being pulled inside snapping his back in the process. Left to fend for themselves, the team stumbles into a sand trap but manage to escape. During the chaos, however, Sunni falls into a spike pit and dies shortly after.


Forced to keep moving, the team finds a burial chamber which contains the corpse of a Freemason explorer who had been trapped in the pyramid in the late 19th century. A journal he left behind details a possible escape route from the burial chamber. Dr. Holden suddenly has his heart torn out from behind by a large creature. Nora and the team’s cameraman Fitzie (Buckley) flee, but after realizing they’re trapped, they return to find Dr. Holden still alive tied to a scale. They learn the creature is the Egyptian god Anubis, who is seen weighing Dr. Holden’s heart in an ancient ritual to determine his worthiness to enter the afterlife. Miles is deemed unworthy and dies when Anubis eats his heart.


After Anubis leaves, Nora and Fitzie decipher hieroglyphs in the chamber that indicate the pyramid was constructed to imprison Anubis, who is seeking to reunite with his creator, Osiris. They find an air shaft with a ladder left behind by the soldier Shadid, but Anubis sees and pursues them. Nora climbs first and Fitzie follows, but midway up the ladder he is grabbed from below and dragged to his death. Now alone, Nora continues to scramble up the crumbling ladder and reaches the top but is captured by Anubis. Tied to an obelisk, she uses a blade hidden in her hand to slowly cut through her bonds before Anubis can finish his ritual. Once free, she wounds Anubis, who is then attacked by a horde of scavenger cats allowing Nora to escape. Exhausted and traumatized, she finally climbs her way to freedom and collapses just before clearing the pyramid’s exit. She awakens sunburned and injured, only to discover an Egyptian child playing with her camera. As she plea for his help, Anubis suddenly appears from the dark lunging at them both, presumably killing them.



The film gives a lot of reference to the Egyptian history, though I’m not sure if all of it were true. This is a film that uses a character’s POV though not for the entire duration of the film. I was surprised to know that this was distributed by 20th Century Fox because I find it unappealing to my taste. I checked the website for reviews and I’m relieved to know that it was not just me who had a negative feedback about the film. Rotten Tomatoes gave this a 13% rating based on 40 reviews, with an average rating of 2.8/10. Moviefone and CraveOnline both named this as one of the worst films of 2014. The dialogues were gawky, the acting was amateurish, did not scare even a hair in my body. The movie has no sense at all, not that I can tell.




Thanks for dropping by. See you on my next review! ❤



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